Second Mini WOOKAH in WOOKAH Portfolio - NOX


WOOKAH Mini was made especially with the thought of travel enthusiasts who love to have their WOOKAH with them wherever they go. The size and weight of WOOKAH Mini enables that. You can easily fit WOOKAH Mini in your hand luggage, a backpack or a dedicated WOOKAH Bag and carry it wherever you want.



The use of the built-in diffuser makes the smoking experience both soft, pleasant and quiet, so you will be able to enjoy undisturbed smoking while watching movies or meeting with colleagues, friends or family as well as relaxing in the bosom of nature.


If you are already equipped with WOOKAH Accessories such as mouthpiece, hose, Vorclas Bowl etc. you can easily connect them with both WOOKAH and WOOKAH Mini.

WOOKAH travel bag

Travel Bag

An optional dedicated bag fits WOOKAH Mini perfectly and allows you to carry it easily, so whatever you do, wherever you are, your WOOKAH can always be with you. Mountains, beaches or barbecues with friends? Pack your WOOKAH in the bag, enjoy the smoking experience and spread #wookahlove!

Quick lock system

A quick lock system (QLS), which enables quick and convenient matching of the body to the vase with just a short movement. The valve adapter has been equipped with an additional grommet, which means you don't have to worry about the valve or the ball falling out of the adapter. Last but not least, you can carry your shisha by the plate without fear that it will unlock.


WOOKAH Mini is handmade from the highest quality materials - wood, glass, stainless steel and leather. Each element is manufactured with a great attention to every detail, so you can be sure that it will satisfy you with the remarkable finish. .


The WOOKAH Mini is no less than the original WOOKAH! Absolutely loved it. The quality and finishing is amazing. Quick lock system is super convenient and its very easy to assemble the whole device. Had amazing smoking sessions with the WOOKAH Mini, which lasted 2-3 hours. Super smooth hookah and super smooth smoke. Very easy to handle. Definitely one of my favourite hookahs already!
The simplicity and the easy to set-up features doesn't take away the amusement that you'll get from this Masterpiece! Mini WOOKAH immediately caught all of my attention with its astonishing powerful performance, relaxing airflow, and outstanding outer design. I'm just in Love with this classy little beast.